Saturday, November 10, 2012

Accepted! Finally!

After 3 years of writing, revising, adding data, refining, and rewriting, the so-called "short note" has been accepted! By my calculations now, I've put more than 330 hours into this project over the last 3 years (a year ago my count was 263). It has been at this same journal since last Christmas. This is my first dissertation chapter.

There is one caveat- the editor thinks it could be trimmed somewhat. The subject editor made no requests and the editor offered no specific comments or even a ballpark number of words to trim. Has anyone else had this happen? "Accepted, but please make it a little shorter?"

So it's almost there. Really almost there. Hopefully I only have a few more hours of work on this, ever.

I really need my other chapters to go more quickly than this one!


Unknown said...

Congratulations! That's very good news. My advice on the trimming. It must have been several months since you last looked at the paper. Go over it carefully and make it as concise as you can. Compare the word count before and after, and I'll bet that you will have reduced it by 10 percent. If so, simply say that in your cover letter, and chances are you will be golden.

Karina said...

Thanks! I went over it today and I could hardly cut anything :-( I think there's most potential in the discussion, but I think I'm still too close to it myself to see what can be cut!

sarcozona said...

Oh that is wonderful! Good luck with the trimming - I find other people are usually quite helpful there.