Saturday, July 21, 2012

On scientific posters

Last year I made a beautiful, awesome poster. This year, I have to figure out how to make a new, beautiful, awesome poster that looks different than the other one. The data were analyzed differently this year, but it didn't radically change our conclusions. I'm trying to make it look unique without spending too much time on it. It's kind of frustrating. I have to finish it this weekend.

Why am I presenting a very similar thing two years in a row? Because it's for two different audiences. This year I'm presenting it at a much more specific meeting where most people are working on related topics.

Speaking of posters, how do people feel about abstracts on posters? I have an opinion but I'd like to hear first what others think.


sarcozona said...

Abstracts on posters are a boring waste of space!

Karina said...

I totally agree. When I was looking around for poster construction advice, I was appalled to find a site that specifically instructed putting an abstract on your poster! I refuse to link to that site because it would raise their ranking and I don't want to bother finding it again anyways.

I definitely have my own poster style that I think is very nice, but I am so amazed at the diversity of beautiful and effective poster style employed at ESA. It's inspiring!