Monday, October 4, 2010

Voting absentee

I've voted absentee for most of the elections in which I've voted. I found a great organization that helps people abroad request their absentee ballots. If you're ever abroad for an election, the folks at Overseas Vote Foundation can help you out. They even have a low bandwidth version of their site for people in remote places with slow internet (like me!).

If for some reason you have trouble getting through the process (I did, unfortunately), contact their help desk and they really will help you. Include your international phone number and they'll call you. Someone just called me and completed what I was, for some unknown reason, unable to do from here. Bummer that the form didn't work the first (or second or third) time, but props to them for some serious support! The only people who call me here are my husband and my parents- and now Overseas Vote.


Liberal Arts Lady said...

I remember trying to vote absentee while living in an African country - it didn't go well. I did eventually get my ballot, but it was long after the election was over. Maybe they're getting better at it, though?

Karina said...

I hope so! I guess I'll find out and let you know.

Karina said...

Liberal Arts Lady, they emailed me my absentee ballot! I got it the day after I emailed the appropriate people a photograph of my signed forms. I hadn't even sent off the paper copy yet. The internet is amazing.