Monday, August 16, 2010

Rejected and ready to be home

My manuscript was rejected last week. That's a bummer. I haven't read all of the reviewers' comments yet but Sam doesn't seem discouraged, so that's good at least.

We're finally home from vacation. I was gone for 15 days (straight from the conference to the beach). We have two house guests who are already here, and we're having a going away party for one of them tonight. My friend Mariyah finished her degree and is going back to her home country. I'm really going to miss her.

I should be returning to Ukenzagapia in less than a month now, and have a crapload of things to figure out before I go. That said, getting ready to go to the field seems to be less hectic each time, which is nice. Nearly all of my equipment is already there so there's not much to buy or bring this time. Perhaps I should be starting to worry? But then I remind myself that worrying about work doesn't get work done. I just need to stay focused and work hard every day. I can do that.


Alyssa said...

Sorry about the paper :( Hopefully you can resubmit soon.

Sounds like your vacation was great though!

Jax said...

It sucks to put so much time and effort into something to have it rejected. You never know what kind of reviewers you'll end up with and its impossible to tell if certain statements, methods, cited papers, etc. will be lauded or loathed by any given individual. I hope their comments are constructive, however, and enough to get you going for a second shot.