Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Work Timer

The course I'm TAing this semester has much more time-consuming grading than last semester's course. Last semester I kept careful track of my hours spent on teaching-related duties and it was never over 20, and usually under. I haven't been keeping track this semester, but the amount of grading I'm doing makes me want to start.

Since I like to break grading up into small pieces so I don't get totally sick of it, I was thinking I should get the computer equivalent of one of those clocks they use for speed chess. That way I can keep track of the cumulative time I spend grading even when it's in short segments. I just downloaded WorkTimer which will hopefully do the trick. I'll start using it next week (a non-grading week) so I can compare the light and heavy workload weeks.

P.S. Jon and I are finally feeling much better. We cleaned the apartment tonight which was desperately needed because we hadn't done dishes in over a week and the place was a disaster. We still have about 6 loads of laundry to do (with all the sheets and blankets we've been coughing on) but that will have to wait for the weekend (I think I have enough underwear to make it to the weekend, and I'm way past being out of warm socks but I think I can wear the ones that aren't crunchy a few more times...)

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